I am indie Game Designer for both board and video games. I have somewhat more experience with board games as I did more board game projects, but I did some work on video games as well. I do enjoy making both.

Projects I have worked on, ordered by date: Crypto TCG (video game), Remote Racers (board game), La Famillia (board game), Hexopoly Landowners (board game), Stoneball (board game), Duels of Xen'Arun (video game),
and had smaller roles for: Long Way Home (board game), Frog Wave (board game), Ancient Whispers (board game) and more.

My Projects

Crypto TCG is working title for project I am currently assigned. It's setting is slightly dystopian near future where three factions wage Influence war to shape the World!

My responsibilities:

  • Designing Game Mechanics

  • Designing All Cards

  • Faction and Card Balancing

  • Rules Documentation

Lead Game Designer

Crypto TCG

La Familia is party bluff game for 8 and more people.

My responsibilities:

  • Polishing Game

  • Polishing Rules

  • Balance and Testing

Game Designeer

La Familia

Stoneball is abstract strategy game for two players.

My responsibilities:

  • Game Design

  • Rules Documentation

Co-Lead Game Designer


Remote Racers is a race game in which you represent a person who is controlling a small electrical car with the remote controller.

My responsibilities:

  • Creating this game possible in 24h Global Game Jame time frame as one man team

Lead Game Designer

Remote Racers

Hexopoly Landowners is strategic economic city building action.

My responsibilities:

  • Designing Game Mechanics

  • Number Crunching


Game Designer


Duels of Xen'Arun is a TCG. It is spiritual successor of Ubisoft's MMDoC (Might and Magic: Duel of Champions).

My responsibilities:

  • Designing Faction Concepts

  • Assigning Faction Roles

  • Designing Faction and Spell Cards

  • Card Balancing


Game Concept Designer

Duels of Xen'Arun

Three years participated in Global Game Jam (GGJ) as Board Game Designer.

Click here to view my GGJ profile.

Participated in "Igrotvorci" game jam as Board Game Designer:

Worked on many other Dažbog Games projects with smaller roles:

  • Long Way Home

  • Frogwave

  • Tell a Tale

  • Ancient Whispers

List of other related projects I have worked on

Game Jams and Other Projects

“Željko brought with him many skills to the team, in the form of quick thinking, problem solving and effective time management, as well as decisiveness and the willingness to question a decision he considered to be the wrong course.”

Pavle Ilijašević, Assocciation President of Dažbog Games

“In all of his work, Mr. Glumac has shown himself to be a dedicated, passionate and serious game designer with true commitment to making Duels of Xen'Arun an outstanding game. He is very creative when it comes to game design.”

Karl Hertz, Project Manager of Duels of Xen'Arun

“He was a pleasure to work with - we had clear communication and understanding and the delivery was always on time. We were under a lot of pressure to deliver our game quickly and Željko has managed to keep up (I would say we had to keep up with him). Despite the tight deadline, there was no drop in quality - Željko would go above and beyond to thoroughly test the balance of the game and tweak the mechanics to perfection.”

Miloš Milić, Chief Operations Officer at Decenter

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