I'm the Game Designer you are looking for.

My name is Željko Glumac and I am from Belgrade, Serbia. I have been passionate about games for as long as I can remember. I enjoy playing and making both board and video games. My favorite games involve heavy decision making, strategy and complex resource management. If I would have to single out one genre it would have to be the TCG genre.

I have two big passions in my life and that are fencing and game design. Currently I am an indie game designer and also a fencing instructor, so I am pursuing both of my greatest passions.

I am available to contact for any work on game projects, both freelance and for position inside your company.


Available for:

Game Design


Level Design
Puzzle Design
Creative Writing
Pixel Art


or other creative work in gaming industry...


+381 65 3821212



Social links:

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Karl Hertz, Project Manager of Duels of Xen'Arun

“In all of his work, Mr. Glumac has shown himself to be a dedicated, passionate and serious game designer with true commitment to making Duels of Xen'Arun an outstanding game. Mr. Glumac displays a number of characteristics which were very valuable to the team and key to bringing us to the point we are today. He is very creative when it comes to game design. He executed all tasks that were given to him exceptionally and worked well with everyone he was assigned to collaborate with. Even though is a true team player, he is not afraid of disagreeing with someone or bring a different perspective to an issue.”

Pavle Ilijašević, Assocciation President of Dažbog Games


"Mr. Glumac always worked with dedication and commitment, going as far as to do more than his share of the work if the deadlines and time frame called for it. He would engage a problem head on in an attempt to solve it as best as possible to always keep the project moving forward. Even in the event that a project would hit a dead end, he was willing to start working from scratch if it required so to bring the project to a close. Željko brought with him many skills to the team, in the form of quick thinking, problem solving and effective time management, as well as decisiveness and the willingness to question a decision he considered to be the wrong course."

Latest project: Crypto TCG


Crypto TCG is working title for a latest project I am working on. I am Lead Game Designer for that game and I am building all Game Mechanics, Designing Cards, and am responsible for Balancing of Factions and Decks. I am also doing all Rules and Mechanics Documentation.
Whole team in Decenter is determined to make this game as great as possible. We want to finish this project in short amount of time, so hopefully I will have more updates on the game soon and I will add links to art and test servers as soon as we finish them.
As for the game itself, it is set in sightly dystopian, near future where three faction wage Influence war to shape the World!